NOTE: There is a $20 sign-up fee for this event that was forgotten to be included in the previous announcement! (This will consist of lunch if you do not bring your own.)
Calling all 7th, 8th, and 9th graders! Are you interested in participating in Model UN in the future, or do you just enjoy debating geopolitical conflicts? Haas Hall is hosting a Jr. Model UN conference to teach scholars how Model UN works in a safe, friendly environment. The conference will take place on April 10th at Haas Hall Fayetteville. Committee details and more information can be found on the sign-up forum here: https://forms.gle/S8sY2beEErpeA27n8

Sign-ups for committees will be first come, first served. Please sign-up by March 7th!
Feel free to email Jacob Bodishbaugh, Luke Bell, or Ms. Luebker with any questions!

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