1819 Supply List

In response to many inquiries, the following is a list of common supplies needed by scholars for the 18-19 school year. Instructors may ask for more specific needs in their course description at the beginning of school:

English: 2 composition notebooks, pencils, paper (no spiral notebooks), folder, highlighters

Algebra type courses: 2″ 3 ring binder, college ruled notebook paper, graph paper, pencils TI-84 or TI-84C calculator, red pen, 3×5 index cards

PreCalc/Trig: same as above plus 5×7 index cards, compass, protractor

Art/Drawing: Composition notebook or 3 ring binder, sketch pad, paper, pencils, pens

All other subjects: 3 Ring Binder w/ loose leaf paper (no spiral notebooks) for each course, pencils, composition notebooks, folders, dividers with pockets

NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS are allowed at Haas Hall. Backpacks are recommended as there are no lockers. No rolling carts/luggage will be allowed. Rolling backpacks must be the size of a regular backpack.

In addition, at a later date each grade may be asked to supply items that will be used by the entire campus such as Kleenex, hand sanitizer, etc. closer to the opening date.

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