2018-19 Dress Code

Parents and Scholars,
This year we have had several scholars wearing “jean style” pants in colors that were both approved and not approved. This will NOT be allowed next year. No pants of a “jean style” (5 pocket denim material in any color) will be allowed in the dress code. Jeans will only be allowed to be worn on approved jeans day fundraisers. All pants must be chino or slack style in colors navy, black, gray, and khaki for both males and females. Pants may be purchased at the location of your choice – they do not have to be purchased at Land’s End. Leggings as a primary garment are not allowed; they may be worn under skirts and dresses however they must match the colors of the uniform being worn.

All shirts/skirts/dresses/sweaters/sweatshirts MUST be purchased from Land’s End and have the school logo on display. Hoodies are NOT allowed.

The Haas Hall code is #900116120. Watch for sales during the summer months on the Haas Hall webpage or sign up at www.landsend.com to get notice.

There will be a used uniform sale at the Fayetteville campus on Monday, May 21st at 2:30 PM. You can contact the Fayetteville campus during the summer to see if more used uniforms have arrived.

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