3D Printer – Fundraising Campaign


We have an exciting opportunity to help introduce a new technological learning opportunity to the scholars at Springdale Haas Hall! The school would like to purchase the Ultimaker 3 extended 3D printer, which is $4295.00 per printer. In hopes of helping the school achieve this goal, we are asking the parents to participate in a fundraiser. If you prefer to leave a check or cash at the school, please put that contribution in an envelope and clearly label the envelope with your name and “3D Printer”. These contributions are tax deductible and any amount that you can give will help!

Here is a link to the printer:

Ultimaker 3 Extended

Here is the fundraising link. There is no “3D printing” description on this webpage, but the link was set up specifically for this purpose, so rest assured that the contributions will go 100% toward the printer! If we happen to raise more money than is needed, we will likely use the remaining funds to buy the materials that are required for ongoing printing. I will send out an update soon on our progress toward our goal! Thank you all in advance for taking part in this effort.


Thank you,
Shelli Bell
President, Haas Hall Parent Faculty Council

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