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Hey folks!

Just thought I would check in as your friendly, neighborhood counselor and see how everyone is doing! It goes without saying that during these times, there can be some definite struggles with being a “socially distant” student. I thought perhaps I would offer some tips that are good rule of thumb for mental health regarding any circumstance we experience. Note that I did not originate this concept, but I believe it is well worth exploring.
It’s called the SEED concept…..
S- Be social.
This can be really hard, but making sure we keep in contact with friends, family, etc. Find ways to connect…even if you have to shout across the street (or at least 6 feet away). Are you letting people know how you feel?
E- Exercise.
We don’t have to train for a race or climb a mountain, but getting our heart rate elevated for at least 30 minutes, three times a day can have boundless benefits!
E- Education
No! Not more school??!! This kind of education is more about ourselves and the world we live in. Ask yourself, “what am I really learning about myself and others at this time?”
D- Diet
Believe it or not, if we put a lot of “junk” in our bodies or minds, we tend to feel more, “junky”!
Eat your ice cream (and news, maybe?) in moderation. Put some good stuff in there (yes, you should eat your vegetables! Yes, you will feel better!). Examine what you are reading, watching on tv, etc. Is it truly improving your mood, or bringing you down?
Drawing from studies as far as Finland, Peru and even in the U.S., it has been shown that people who practice this concept, tend to be nearly twice less likely to feel depressed and are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s as they get older (real brain stuff, yo!)
It is my hope that we will all work to be healthy in many different ways. Good Luck!!!

Chuck Shields
[email protected]

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