A Note for Parents/Scholars New to Haas Hall Academy This Year–Home Language Surveys Needed

For those of you new to Haas Hall Academy this year, we would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to the family again!

A Note for New Scholars and New Parents: The state mandates that each campus maintain certain documents for all scholars. If you are new to Haas Hall Academy, please take a moment to fill out the Home Language Survey and turn it in to Ms. Deborah at Bentonville’s front desk at your earliest possible convenience. This is essential because these forms are among those we must maintain and have on hand for the state. Many of our forms are still missing for the Bentonville campus, especially from incoming 7th grade scholars, so if you think you may have filled one out, but you are not certain, or perhaps you turned it in to another campus, please complete this task as soon as possible and turn in the original form to Ms. Deborah.

Should you have any questions about forms for the Bentonville campus, please email Katherine Cochran ([email protected]) or Dr. Rod Wittenberg ([email protected]). (Should you simply require a copy of the form, please email Katherine Cochran at the email listed above.)

Haas Hall Academy continues to be ranked among the top high schools in the nation. We are looking forward to another outstanding year, and we are excited to remain committed to supporting all scholars.

Thank you!

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