ACT Calculator Policy – Scholars WILL Need One!

All Juniors will be taking the ACT, paid for by the State of Arkansas, on March 1st. There are specific calculators that are permitted for use on this test. Please refer to the information below to see if your scholar needs to upgrade their calculator for this test:

Examinees are responsible for:
Bringing – and using – a permitted calculator
Knowing whether their calculator is permitted (www.act.org/calculator-policy.html) or call 1-800-498-6481 for a recorded message containing highlights from this policy.
Making sure their calculator is working properly and has new batteries if battery-operated.
If they choose, they can bring extra batteries in case their primary ones fail.

The following types of calculators are prohibited:
Calculators with built in or downloaded computer algebra system functionality, including:
Texas Instruments: All model numbers that begin with TI-89 or TI-92, TI-Nspire CAS
NOTE: TI-Nspire (non CAS) is permitted.
Hewlet Packard: HP Prime, HP 48GII, all model numbers that begin with HP 40G, HP 49G or HP 50G
Casio: fx-CP400 (ClassPad 400), ClassPad 300 or ClassPad330, Algebra fx 2.0, all model numbers that begin with CFX-9970G.
Handheld tablet, or laptop computers including PDA’s.
Electronic writing pads or pen-input devices. (Note: Sharp EL9600 is permitted.)
Calculators built into cell phones or any other electronic communication device.
Calculators with QWERTY format letter keys.

The following types of calculators ARE permitted, but only after they are modified as noted:
Calculators that can hold programs or documents: Remove all documents and remove all programs that have computer algebra system functionality.
Calculators with paper tape – remove the tape.
Calculators that make noise – turn off the sound.
Calculators with an infrared data port: Completely cover the infrared data port with heavy opaque material such as duct tape or electrician’s tape. These calculators include the HP 38G series, the HP39G series and the HP 48G.
Calculators with power cords. Remove all poer/electrical cords.

Calculators approved for this test will be used in college, so the investment in them can last for several years. You might scout around some pawn shops to see if you can find some there as college students tend to sell them after they’ve taken all their math courses for the money.

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