Action Plans and Health History Forms

If your scholar has allergies that require an EpiPen, an Allergy Action Plan is required. If your scholar is asthmatic, an Asthma Action Plan is required. Please fax to 479-899-6603, email to me, or send with your scholar ASAP. If your doctors office needs a form to be filled out, please email me with their fax number and I would be happy to fax their office a copy of our form.

Also, I have multiple scholars (30) who still need to turn in a health history form. This gives me health information–allergies, medical history, and medications that you approve of your scholar having while in school–that I need to provide the best care. It is also a safety measure for our scholars. I have additional copies of this form in my office and there are copies at the front desk. Remember, this is what other Haas Hall school nurses are giving detentions for if there is lack of compliance. I truly do not want to do this but if I don’t get these forms by the end of next week, I will have to start giving them out.

I appreciate your time and help in these matters.

Amy Rimmer RN BSN

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