Haas Hall Academy nurses are so excited to welcome our scholars back onto campus on August 12th!

The state of Arkansas has the following regulations in place for documents that must be completed in order to maintain compliance:

1. Each student with a diagnosis of seizures, diabetes, asthma, life-threatening allergies with need for epinephrine pen, or other medical diagnoses that require intervention MUST have an action plan on file from their physician BEFORE the start of the school year. Action plans must be renewed annually and must be on file with the academy nurse.

2. Haas Hall Academy must maintain immunization records for all scholars for REQUIRED immunizations only. If your scholar does not receive school-required immunizations we must have a current exemption letter on file. Exemption from immunizations in the state of Arkansas can only be provided by the Arkansas Department of Health and must be renewed annually. You may send it with your scholar or have it faxed or mailed to the school. Our fax numbers are: Fayetteville (479) 966-4932, Springdale (479) 419-5517, Bentonville (479) 250-9292 and Rogers (479) 899-6603.

3. A current health history form must be filled in for each scholar. Please find your campus below, click on the link and fill out the form. Only one submission per scholar will be accepted. This form needs to be completed by the first day of school on August 12.

Fayetteville Scholar Health History Form: https://forms.gle/xkfGPbNv1x3rW4H58

Springdale Scholar Health History Form: https://forms.gle/ELsB2eRkJoVHweVi6

Bentonville Scholar Health History Form: https://forms.gle/2uYzsStHKkpmNe1r9

Rogers Scholar Health History Form: https://forms.gle/1o8s9jpwT3gADqYq7

Please note that we must maintain records regardless of the scholar’s learning platform choice as even scholars learning virtually may be on campus at certain times for testing, etc.  Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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