2018-2019 Lottery Results

Click on the campus photo below to view the lottery results list for that campus. Each list is separated by grade. If you are unsure of your Lottery ID number, you may obtain it using our Lottery ID Finder.

What does my status mean?


Your applicant was chosen in the lottery drawing. Please formally accept or decline the seat online or in person at Haas Hall Academy Starr Scholar Center (Fayetteville campus) by 5 p.m. Friday, February 23, 2018. A non-response will be considered a decline. If your applicant is offered a seat at more than one campus, you may accept only one seat at one campus. Please note: When you accept a seat at one of our campuses, you will be removed from the Waiting List for the other campuses to which you applied.

Waiting List

Your applicant is on the waiting list. The number listed is their position on the waiting list. You can track waiting list progression online. You will receive another email when your applicant’s status changes.

No Entries Match Your Request.

You did not enter an application for this campus or your Lottery ID number is incorrect. If you need assistance obtaining your applicant’s Lottery ID number, please contact our Admissions team.

Post-Lottery Application

Submit an application for a 7-12 grade seat at our Fayetteville and Bentonville campuses or a 7-11 grade seat at our Springdale and Rogers campuses. Applications submitted after February 4, 2018  will be accepted after the lottery drawing on a first-come, first-served basis until each grade is fully enrolled. If seats are available, the applicant will be admitted. If no seats are available, the applicant will automatically be placed on the Waiting List.

Accept or Decline a Seat

If your applicant has been offered a seat, please accept or decline the seat online.

If you are unsure of your applicant’s Lottery ID number, please use our Lottery ID Finder.