Advanced Placement Tests Begin May 2nd

Parents and Scholars,
AP testing will begin May 2nd. College Board sets the dates for testing and makeups. There is some important information for all to know:
1. If a scholar misses an AP test, the makeups happen in late May/early June. Scholars who miss an AP test are required to take the makeup test, even if school is out.
2. Scholars should eat a good breakfast and/or lunch prior to taking the test. These tests can last anywhere from 2 hours to 5 hours, depending on if you have extended time accommodations. Tests are given first thing in the morning and after lunch.
3. Scholars should know their AP test schedule. If your scholar has an AP test in the afternoon, they will more than likely not be finished by 2:30pm. Their finishing time could be anywhere from 3:30pm to 5pm, depending on extended time schedules. Ask your scholar what their AP test schedule is and adjust pick up times accordingly.
4. Please do not make appointments/planned absences for AP scholars from May 2nd till May 13th. As stated earlier, missing an AP test will have to be made up according to the dates established by College Board. AP scholars are required to take the AP test.
5. If your scholar has morning AP tests, they must arrive by 7:50am in order to finish their test close to lunch. Please keep this in consideration if you typically have traffic issues in the morning.

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