After School Reminder

Parents and Scholars,
All scholars are to be picked up at 4pm. The allowance for you to go to the lobby area after school is IF you are doing anything with the Jones Center. For example, if you are going ice skating then you should be there instead of sitting in the lobby of the Jones Center. Unfortunately, we have had some reports of scholars not being appropriate or creating a mess for the Jones Center to clean. This is unacceptable. If you are not going to the rink or some other Jones Center event then you should be coming back inside at 2:45 and staying until 4pm when your parent should be picking you up. By this time, all Jones Center employees recognize Haas Hall scholars whether you are in uniform or not. If we continue to have issues, we will revoke all scholars going out after school and you will remain inside until supervision ends at 4pm.

Parents, the Jones Center requests that you do not use them for babysitting purposes. Please pick up your scholars by 4pm. If you cannot, please remember that Ozark Transit does make several afternoon stops.

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