AMC Practice after school TODAY!

To everyone interested in participating in the AMC, mark your calendars! The AMC 10B and AMC 12B competitions are coming up Nov. 16! The AMC is the predominant national mathematics competition. And we want to help prepare YOU toward accomplishing this coveted achievement.

In order to help prepare interested scholars, the Math Club will be hosting regular lectures after school every Tuesday and Thursday for the next three weeks, going over techniques, general strategies, and sample problems related to the AMC 10 and 12.

The first AMC meeting will be held today after school in Dr. Baer’s room, otherwise known as room 109. It will be mainly informational, and we will discuss general strategy for the test.

We want to emphasize that, although these lectures are associated with the AMC, attendance is not restricted to those who are currently or are preparing to sign up for the AMC! Everyone interested in learning some interesting mathematics and throwing their shot in solving the sample problems given in the lectures are more than welcome to attend.

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