Animal Awareness Meeting & Fundraiser Announcement

The Animal Awareness club will meet at 2:35pm in classroom 118. All current members and leaders should make every effort to be in attendance as our plans our getting busy and we’ll need everyone participating. We will be outlining our volunteer plans at our local shelters, reviewing our t-shirt order, discussing our upcoming fundraising, and ongoing projects for the spring semester – and yes, popcorn has returned to the meeting menu!

Everyone (club members and hungry scholars) should look for a bake sale coming soon, and our big event, the Great Husky Dog Wash, in the near term (weather permitting).

Please note it is not too late to join the club if you are interested – you just need to show up at the meeting and get the Classroom code. We have continued to grow slowly from our original group and more members will increase our impact on our local animals and increase the GOOD we can do!

Thank you! See you all there.

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