Attention All Scholars:

For those of you enrolled in AP courses, please note that AP Exams ARE still taking place this year; however, they will be administered in an alternate format. This year, all exams will be online. For most subjects, the exams will be 45 minutes long, and include an additional 5 minutes for uploading. Students will need to access the online testing system 30 minutes early to get set up.

The situation surrounding AP Exam testing is fluid; meaning, updates are constantly being provided by the College Board regarding information surrounding the exams. Faculty will be communicating with scholars regarding these changes, but if you have questions regarding the exams, you may also utilize the resource page provided by the College Board.

Information regarding online exams: https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students/taking-ap-exams

AP Exam schedule: https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students/taking-ap-exams/ap-exam-schedule

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