Hello, my name is Oden West. I’m a senior at the Springdale campus looking for AP Research survey participants.

My survey topic is related to the transmission of musical taste from parents to their children, especially those that live in a multicultural (more than one ethnic identity) household. This just means having parents that identify with more than one ethnic identity. Even so, I still highly encourage anyone living in a monocultural environment to take this survey, since more responses is generally always better. Please note that the intended survey population is adolescents, meaning individuals aged 12-18. If you are an interested parent, it may be better to bring it up with your scholar.

The identity of all survey participants will be kept anonymous and all data collected will only be accessible by myself and my faculty advisor, Rachel Thomas. All data will be archived after use and deleted after the end of this school year. Please bear in mind that parent consent is required to participate in this survey while under the age of 18.

Survey & Consent Form Link: https://forms.gle/Gtxi98JSSJxe9FYm8

Contact Info:
Oden West: odenwest@gmail.com
Rachel Thomas: rachelthomas@haashall.org

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