Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Hamilton. I am a senior at Haas Hall Fayetteville, and I am currently looking for participants for my AP Research survey.

In order to fill a gap in current knowledge, my research will examine the relationship between childhood food insecurity as a predisposition for the risk of cancer in adults. My research has a mix-method design, and one part of that is the survey below!

All research conducted in this class is overseen by my faculty advisor and reviewed by a district Institutional Review Board for the safety and integrity of all participants. Participants will be kept anonymous, and all data collected will be solely used for research purposes. This survey also includes a required consent portion.

My survey consists of questions that assess childhood food security. It should only take around 5 minutes to complete 6 questions.

There are two links:
For All Adults (18+): https://forms.gle/1Up6x2gRTAXZ72Da8
For Adults With Previous Or Current Cancer Diagnosis: https://forms.gle/dcgaStBLdWWcQHkX8

Please contact laurenelisabethhamilton@gmail.com or johnstout@haashall.org with any questions. Thank you!

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