Hello, Scholars!

My name is Julissa Hernandez, and I am a senior at the Springdale campus, currently enrolled in AP Research.

I am researching the representation of Schizophrenia in film and its accuracy. I would really appreciate it if you could help me collect some data of your raw, honest opinions toward this topic. The survey shouldn’t take more than five (5) minutes to complete and is mainly multiple choice.

If you are interested in mental disorders/syndrome representation or have no clue about any mental disorders/syndromes, go ahead and click the link below:

Should you have any questions, please email me (julissa.hernandez@haashall.org). If you have any questions regarding the validity or purpose of my research project, please email my research advisor, Mrs. Kate (katherinecochran@haashall.org), or my Headmistress, Ms. B. (jamiebendure@haashall.org).

Thank you!

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