AP Testing Begins Monday, May 1st – Thursday, May 11th.

Parents and Scholars,
AP tests begin Monday the 1st. These tests are required for scholars who are/were enrolled in an AP course this school year. These are very important tests to the participants as their college benefits could depend on their choice of college.

Those taking the tests need to be aware of a couple of things:
No electronic devices, including smartwatches, are allowed. It is suggested that scholars wear a face watch if they wish to be able to track time more closely. Also, calculators brought must have their memories cleared.

These tests can run anywhere from 3 hours to 6 hours in length. Scholars should eat a good breakfast and arrive at school no later than 7:50 am for morning testing. If ordering a lunch, it will be available to you after you complete your test.

Afternoon tests will most likely finish after 3:30 pm and could possibly run longer than that. If you work, be sure and make arrangements with your employer on the days you test in the afternoon to let them know of this time frame. If you are picked up, have a plan created with your ride for the possibility of late pickup. (You must stay in the testing room until the time is over – no one can be excused just because they finished before others.)

If you have one of the longer tests in the afternoon, you might want to have a snack in your backpack that you can access during a break. Food is not allowed in the testing area.

If a scholar misses an AP test, they are required to take a makeup exam. If you are a senior, you will have to continue attending school until that test is taken. Seniors should also remember that they must be passing their classes and have taken all AP tests before they can be released on May 12th.

Scholars, if you can look in a mirror and say that you gave it your best, that’s all we can ask. Good Luck!

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