AP Testing Begins Next Week – Virtual Scholars

Virtual scholars…just a reminder that if you are coming to campus to take an AP paper/pencil test you must be in uniform. Postings will be inside the front lobby of the locatin for the tests. Morning tests will begin promptly at 8am so arrive by 7:50am please. Afternoon tests will start at 11:30 am, the beginning of 3rd block. Afternoon tests may run longer than the normal school day. Morning tests may run longer than lunch.

Be sure and let your other teachers know you are testing so they will not count you absent by mistake. Once you complete your AP test, you will be expected to join your classes online as soon as you arrive home.

Tuesday we will test Calculus in the morning and Human Geography at 11:30am.
Wednesday we will test English Lit in the morning.
Thursday we will test American History in the morning and Computer Science at 11:30 am.
Friday we will test Chemistry in the morning.

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