AP Testing Schedule/Rooms for Rogers Campus

AP Testing Schedule and Room Assignments for Haas Hall at the Lane. **Scholars with accommodations will receive a personal email from Mrs. Hager with room assignment information. Please email Mrs. Hager, amandahager@haashall.org if you have any questions.

May 2:
US Gov and Pol – 8AM, Library (Room 127)
Chemistry – NOON, Library (Room 127)

May 3:
Psychology – 8AM, Library (Room 127)

May 4:
English Literature Room 1 – 8AM, Library (Room 127)
Computer Science – NOON, Library (Room 127)

May 5:
Human Geography – 8AM, Library (Room 127)
Seminar – NOON, Library (Room 127)
Statistics – NOON, Media (123)

MAY 6:
US History – 8AM, Library (Room 127)

May 9:
Calculus – 8AM, Library (Room 127)

May 10:
English Language Room 1 – 8AM, Library (Room 127) *Due to the large number of scholars taking the Lang exam, some scholars will be testing in the media room. A roster for each room will be posted outside the testing room on the morning of the exam.
English Language Room 2 – 8AM, Media (Room 123)
Physics – NOON, Library (Room 127)

May 11:
Spanish – 8AM, Library (Room 127)
Biology – NOON, Library (Room 127)

May 12:
World History – 8AM, Library (Room 127)

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