AP Testing Week One

We will begin AP testing on Monday, May 7. The rosters for the first week of testing have been posted on the hallway in front of Haasmart. Please check to ensure you know where and when you need to report if you are taking an AP exam during the first week.

For scholars testing next week–
* Be sure to review calculator policies provided in your AP letter.
* Also, please know that scholars will not be admitted to the exam room with anything except two No.2 pencils, pens, and wristwatches that don’t make any noise.
* It is recommended that you arrive 30 minutes before exam starting time. That means 7:30 for mornings, 11:30 for afternoons.
* You will attend Haas as normal when you are not testing. So, if you have a morning test, you must return to your classes in the afternoon.
* No behavioral issues will be tolerated in the testing environment.

For ALL scholars:
* During AP testing, it is imperative that we have a quiet and focused environment. The hallways must be silent during AP testing.
* Some tests may stretch into the afternoon, even after 2:30. There will be zero tolerance for any noise or disruption during testing. This is your warning!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Gooch.

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