Dear Parents and Guardians:

The following information was provided by the Arkansas Department of Education in support of the Department of Human Services.
The team at DHS is working to launch the Arkansas Rent Relief Program, which will offer $173 million available in Arkansas for renters who are struggling to pay rent due to the pandemic. Landlords also may apply. We have to have 65% of the funding allocated by the end of September, which is a tall order so we’re hoping sister state agencies can help us. We’d like to share the attached flier (link below) with school districts in hopes that they will share with parents, or at least parents they know are struggling. Visit: ar.gov/rentrelief

Flyer link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l8pqeNBjh98sXMjv1kxmmFtIwV1LmRhi/view?usp=sharing

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