Arm Wrestling Tournament Results

Thank you to all 35 participants and everyone in the audience yesterday for making the Haas Hall Fayetteville arm-wrestling tournament as fun and energetic as it was! We had many strong contenders, manifested in several very climatic rounds. At the end of the event though, it was evident that there were three outstanding competitors. We are pleased to announce the three champions of yesterday’s arm-wrestling tournament:

1. Jayden Perry (12th grade)
2. Ellis Bell (10th grade)
3. Ali Alboshebah (8th grade)

Honorable mentions go to Jay Vargas(4), Cole Bednar(5), Zachary Kessler(5), Ariel Aragon(5), and Ian Hammans(5) for their equally impressive runs through the brackets.

For interested scholars who unfortunately were not able to participate in yesterday’s tournament, or believed that they could have performed better, do not fret–The Scholar Council is considering holding another tournament next semester, so stay tuned!

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