Parents: Please be sure you are familiar with our attendance policy and that you are properly reporting your child’s absence.
Per the Attendance Policy on pages 14-15 in the Handbook, the following steps should be made when reporting your child”s absence…
1) Call the campus &/or email the front desk by 8:30am to report the absence
2) Email your child’s teachers by 8:30am advising of the absence to be sure they can make up the work they miss

If it’s an absence that you have scheduled, please have your scholar pick up a “Planned Absence” form from the front desk, fill it out, and have all teachers sign it, then turn it back in to the front desk.

Please be sure your scholars are arriving to school by 7:50am. Arriving past this time will ensure they are given a tardy and after three tardies, they will serve detention, then detention will be given for every tardy received thereafter.  Tardies will start counting Monday.


Front desk contact information:
Fayetteville: Teresa New — 479-966-4930 #1
Springdale: Sandra Cox — 479-966-4930 #2
Bentonville: Deborah Livesay — 479-966-4930 #3
Rogers: Paula Huckeby — 479-966-4930 #4

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