Dear Parents:

Please be advised that scholars are not permitted to text / call / use their cell phones for other than in class use during the school day. Please DO NOT text or call your scholar during the day. You may call the front desk at the school if you need to get a message to your scholar. We are getting a lot of complaints from teachers about this.
Please refer to the following rule in the Haas Hall Scholar / Parent Handbook:

Texting/Unauthorized Use of Cell Phones (Scholars and Parents):  Page 55
Haas Hall Academy’s cell phone policy is very clear. At no time may a scholar use their cell
phone for any purpose without the consent of faculty or administration. Parents may not
communicate with their scholar via cell phone. Text messaging between parents and scholars is
strictly forbidden during the instructional day.
If a parent needs to contact their scholar, please call the front desk. When scholar’s need to
contact their parents they will be allowed to use the front desk phone. Failure to comply with this
directive will result in adverse consequences for the scholar up to and including suspension
and/or expulsion.

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