Model UN 2022-23

Are you interested in Model UN for next year? Come join us at our introductory meeting for new students! We will talk about Model UN, what it’s about, and discuss conferences and leadership opportunities. The meeting will be Monday right after school on April 11. Hope to see you there! In the meantime, join the Google Classroom: hmjrivp For more

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Model UN Updates

The Haas Hall Bentonville Model UN Club has finally returned to in person meetings! While our final conference is this weekend, we still have activities lined up for the rest of this year’s meetings! We will be covering fun topics in debate while practicing Model UN parliamentary procedure. If you are interested in a career in any field that involves

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Science Olympiad Form

https://forms.gle/XRbDRew9S5nCPNU47 Above is the form for the Science Olympiad. Please fill it out! We need as many people as possible!


Science Olympiad RECRUITING!!!!

Hi everyone, the Haas Bentonville Science Olympiad team is recruiting! We would like as many people as possible, so please fill out the form below and join the Google Classroom if interested! The regional competition is on February 26th and the State competition is on April 9th. If you’re available those days and have a passion for STEM, I strongly

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