Cole Farmer-Whitlow


Math Clubs Meet This Week

Junior Math Club (7th and 8th grades) will meet in Mr. Farmer-Whitlow’s room Wednesday, Oct. 19 after classes. Senior Math Club (9th-12th) will meet in Mr. Farmer-Whitlow’s room Thursday, Oct. 20 after classes.


Jeans Day!

.Are you ready for the first jeans day of the year? Support the Jr. and Sr. Math Clubs this Thursday! Wear your jeans and bring $3 on 9/15 to help us participate in upcoming competitions.


Jr. High Math Club 9/7

Are you in 7th or 8th grade an interested in math? Do you want to learn more about cool math concepts that aren’t covered in class? Have you ever wondered what a math competition might look like? Come to Mr. Farmer-Whitlow’s room (Room 419) after school on Wednesday! From 2:30 to 3:00 on 9/7, we will discuss ways that 7th

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