Erin Smith


Virtual Block Party

Mrs. Smith is hosting a two-night Virtual Block Party in Minecraft, for both Java and Bedrock editions! Java: Friday, Dec. 11, 7-9pm Bedrock: Saturday, Dec. 12, 7-9pm After spawning inside The Scoop ice cream parlor, scholars can explore the map or participate in the following activities: — Felix Baumgartener: at the bottom of this 100-block-tall tower are five 1×1 holes;

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Creative Writing Club

Do you enjoy writing stories or poems? Then you might want to join the Creative Writing Club! Due to COVID concerns, this club will meet completely virtually, and scholars will be able to work on stories, poems, plays, etc. at their own pace. We will coordinate our work through Google Classroom (code: ufu3cxy), where scholars will find writing prompts, videos

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Creative Writing Club Meeting

Creative Writing Club will meet this Friday (Jan. 31) after school in room 10. The topic of the day’s meeting will be villanelles! We’ll discuss the form of this kind of poem, read a couple of examples, and then work on creating our own. All scholars are welcome to attend.


AP Literature Review Sessions

AP Literature will have its first review session this Thursday, Jan. 30 from 2:30-4pm. This session will focus on the MCQ portion of the exam. Please speak with Mrs. Smith if you have any questions before the meeting.