Valeska Jones


Philosophy Club on Tuesday

We will be meeting for Philosophy Club tomorrow at 2:30! If you wish to join in and discuss philosophical things, you can email Mr.Riggs at nathanriggs@haashall.org or me, Lucas Jones, at mosssword@gmail.com


Philosophy Club on Tuesday

Tuesday in Philosophy Club we’ll be talking about incels! We’ll be meeting in Ms. Moll’s room from 2:30 to 3:30. If you want to learn about the philosophy that drives the incel phenomenon, go to philosophy club today!


Philosophy Club on Tuesday

Edge month is here, the month where we talk about more controversial topics. This weeks topic is Minecraft! Just as our world is endless and overall meaningless, Minecraft may be as well. We’ll discuss whether or not this is actually true in the next philosophy club meeting!


Fascism at Philosophy Club on Tuesday

On Tuesday, February 4th, we’ll be talking about fascism! What actually is fascism, and why is it harmful? These questions will be answered at philosophy club! It’ll be the start of Edge Month, a month dedicated to the art of being super edgy. February, of course, is the edgiest month for single people. So why not spend your lonely Tuesdays

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Philosophy Club on Tuesdays!

Next Tuesday, January 28, Philosophy club will be discussing either cults or overthrowing the government, which both seem like very interesting topics in my opinion. If you want to learn and discuss sandwiches, politics, love, death, and all sorts of puzzling and maybe even silly philosophical questions, you should come to Philosophy Club. We meet in Mr. Riggs room on

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