Jason Newell


AP Environmental Science

Do you want to understand the impacts human civilization has on the planet? Would you like to come up with solutions to the biggest problems we face? Consider taking AP Environmental Science, and ask about it when you are discussing your schedule for next year. We’ll do some fun labs, too! In my opinion it’s the most important, meaningful class

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Environmental Sustainability Club is going to make Haas Hall at the Lane more sustainable, and will begin recycling on-campus waste. Please start using the recycling bins located on each floor; we will empty the bins and get it all to the Rogers recycling facility. For now we will collect paper products (including magazines, cardboard, etc.), aluminum cans, and #1 plastic

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Environmental Science Club

Are you interested in environmental science, or making Haas Hall or the community more sustainable? Bring your lunch and attend the interest meeting in Dr. Newell’s classroom (522) during lunch on Wednesday the 31st of August! We will determine meeting times and discuss what we’d like to do with the club. If you are interested but cannot attend, email jasonnewell@haashall.org

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