Kyle van Oudheusden


HHAB Overwatch team Interest

Hello all, The Haas Hall Bentonville Esports Team has undergone a few changes over the summer. Since last year we have had a shift in leadership. Our club hopes that this change in leadership may help you to feel more welcoming and supportive of the Haas Hall Bentonville Esport Team. We are excited to announce that we are going to

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Fandom T-Shirt Day

On January 22, 2020 there will be a fandom t-shirt day! You can wear a shirt from your most cherished TV series, movie, video game, content creator, cartoon, or anime (no sports teams) for just $2. All proceeds collected from this will go towards the esports team. (Shirts must be dress-code compliant).


Esports Team Rescheduling

ATTENTION ESPORTS CLUB! The meeting that was scheduled for the esports team on Friday October 25 after school has been cancelled and instead there is a meeting during LUNCH in Mr. Bolin’s room the same. Anyone who does not come to the meeting (unless with valid reason) will not have a say in club decisions. Hope to see you there…


First Official Haas Hall Esports Meeting

Thank you to everyone who came to Mr. Bolin’s room on the 11th! Now that we have had an informational meeting for the club we will now begin our weekly schedule on October 21st during lunch. If you missed the informational meeting, don’t worry you can still come. We will discuss more about competitions, fundraising, and our first gaming session

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Bentonville Esports Club

Interested in competitive gaming, computer science, or just having fun? Join us on October 11th in Room 108 (Mr. Bolin’s room) during lunch for an informational meeting regarding the new Haas Hall Bentonville Esports Club! We will be competing in multiple competitions among ourselves and between other schools. There will also be occasional lessons about computer science. Learn how the

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