2022 HHA Dane T-shirt & Spring puppy shirt

Don’t forget to order your shirts before Spring Break ! https://haashallrogerspfc22.itemorder.com/shop/sale/


2nd chance to order T-shirts !!!

Did you miss the chance to order this year’s HHA@ the Lane shirt? …Did you order one & need another? Order now till Spring break! Also….check out the Spring pup design! (Contest runner up – too cute not to offer!) https://haashallrogerspfc22.itemorder.com/ Text L.S. 972.834.5643 if you have any trouble getting your order in!


HHA @ the Lane T-shirts are In

***Unexpected Surprise*** Our T-shirts came in today, Thursday, the 16th. If we have enough volunteers, we will deliver them to scholars in their classrooms Friday, otherwise your scholar may pick them up from the front desk any time after 7:45 a.m. If you missed the first round of the PFC T-shirt fundraiser and want to order yours now, or would

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HHA@the Lane T-shirts – Order Now!

***T-shirt Contest Results Are In *** There were so many great elements, the judges could not choose just one. This year’s T-shirt design is a collaboration of the highest scoring aspects from multiple entries. Many thanks to all who entered! Congratulations to: Elena Kapity – Great Dane drawing Aimee Bisbee- Background creed Jaiden Seymour- Scripted frame & front paw print

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T-shirt Design Contest

3 Days left to get your T-shirt design submitted to Mrs. Dockery. Please submit your designs by or before midnight on Wednesday 10/13. We can wait to see them!