Moving Chess club date – third time’s the charm!

Due to another oversight on Mr. Kennedy’s part, the final date for chess club will be Thursdays. We will have club this Thursday, September 22nd, but Mr. Kennedy has an appointment on Thursday the 29th, so Chess club will resume as normal the first Thursday of October. We would love to see you then!


Chess Club moving to Tuesdays

Due to Scholar input, Chess club will be after school on Tuesdays in Room 7 to avoid overlap with other clubs on. Wednesdays. Feel free to come and bring a friendly opponent for your match!


Chess Club first meeting rescheduled!

Mr. Kennedy neglected to note that Wednesday, September 14 is Parent Faculty Scholar conferences! In light of the schedule, we will have our first chess club meeting on Tuesday, September 13 after school until 3:25 p.m. Subsequent meetings will be on Wednesdays unless there is significant scholar interest in having it on a different day. Contact MatthewKennedy@haashall.org with any questions!


Chess Club beginning after school Wednesday, September 14th.

Do you enjoy some friendly, rules based competition? Perhaps you would like to compete with like minded young people from other schools? Meet in room 7 after school on Wednesday the 14th where we will discuss the norms for Chess Club and upcoming competitions. Visit Mr. Kennedy or email MatthewKennedy@haashall.org if you are interested, or just drop in on the

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