Nathan Riggs


Philosophy Club THIS WEDNESDAY

Scholars of Haas Hall Fayetteville, have you ever wondered: how did you become who you are today? Was it your biology? Was it your environment? And even more importantly: How did Megamind become who he is? Was it his genetic background or his societal upbringing? Wonder no more! This Wednesday, October 6, join us in Philosophy Club as Britton Adair

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Philosophy Club Addenda

Hi folks! To clarify the errors and omissions in the Philosophy Club announcement: The meeting will be on Thursday, September 9th. The meeting will begin at about 2:40 PM.


Let’s Get Philosophical

Greetings deep thinkers of Haas Hall Academy. The time for philosophy is nigh. On Thursday, September 8, you’re invited to attend Haas Hall Philosophy Club’s informational meeting. We will meet in person (Mr. Riggs’ room) or virtually (Google Classroom:   lhow67c   ) to discuss club structure, meeting times, officer positions, and discussion topics. All interested scholars are invited. Some have said

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Philosophy Club !

Happy Wednesday! Have Utopia on the brain? We need to get U-to-Philosophy Club! This Wednesday after school, we will meet in Mr. Riggs’s room (or online) to discuss theories of utopias and their viability. We need U-to-participate! All are welcome to attend. Meeting begins at approximately 2:40 pm. The classroom code for virtual attendees is lhow67c.


Philosophy Club Begins This Week!

Are you a good, moral person? You’ll never know unless you attend this week’s philosophy club meeting! This week in philosophy club, we will discuss Immanuel Kant and the foundations of ethics in philosophy. Philosophy Club mainstay Masheyat Rahman studied moral philosophy this summer and is prepared to share her insights with YOU. You Kant miss it! We meet on

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