Samantha Butler


Lunch Account Balances

Parents, you can log on to MySchoolAccount.com to view your scholar’s meal account balances. Please use this site to ensure that negative balances are taken care of. If you have not logged in before, you will need your scholar’s student ID number. That can be found on their HAC account or by contacting the Director of Academy Affairs. Payments with

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Check/Cash Payments for Meals

Great news! You may now send cash/check payments to the school to pay for school meals! Cash needs to in a sealed envelope and checks need to have the scholar’s name on the memo line. These payments may be dropped off at the front desk.


Meal Account Balances

All of the free and reduced meal forms that I have received have been processed and the families notified. If you have not received an email from me and you filled out a form, please send me an email. Even if you receive free or reduced price meals, please log on to MySchoolAccount.com to keep and eye your scholar’s meal

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Negative Meal Account Balances

Please log on to MySchoolAccount.com to check your scholar(s) meal balances. You will need your scholar’s ID number. This can be found on the Registration page of their HAC account or by calling your campus. You can also set up balance reminders so that you receive an email when the account has fallen below the threshold. If you have any

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