BETA Academic Assistance Initiative

The Math, Science, and English Departments are needing tutors, so if any scholar is
interested in becoming one and is confident in their skills in these subjects, please contact Ms. Wise or Campbell Coleman. This could be a great way to earn some service hours and fulfill club membership requirements.

BETA at Haas Hall Academy Fayetteville is excited to announce that it will be launching the BETA Academic Assistance Initiative this school year. Acting as the middleman between tutors and tutees, this program will help connect private tutors with scholars who are looking for more consistent and individualized learning. By creating this program, BETA is hoping to facilitate more co-scholar learning and promote community service within our school. Currently, we are looking for committed tutors, so If you are interested in serving your Haas Hall community and are confident in your math, science, and/or English skills, please contact Ms. Wise or Campbell Coleman or fill out the google form below.


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