Beta Club Certificates 2020-2021

Hello, Beta Club Scholars!

If you were a part of Beta Club last year and haven’t picked up your certificates, come to the front desk to get them. This only applies to those people who paid the $15 fee last year. If you are not sure if you paid the fee to get your certificate, reach out to Isaac Aguero at isaac.aguero@haashall.org to get them.

Should you have any questions, please contact the following individuals: Haleena Sharif at haleena.sharif@haashall.org, Ellis Hanby at ellis.hanby@haashall.org, Jyothika Arunkumar at jyothika.arunkumar@haashall.org, Isaac Aguero at isaac.aguero@haashall.org, and/or Mrs. Kate at katherinecochran@haashall.org.

Thank you for your continued support!

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