Beta Membership Forms

For anyone planning on joining Beta, membership forms are due on Friday, September 20. Any members that do not have a membership form already can collect one from Mrs. Kate. The front of the membership form must be filled out by a faculty member, and the back must be filled out by the scholar. Completed membership forms must be turned in to Mrs. Kate. Officers will not accept any membership forms!

The membership fees ($15) are due Friday, September 13. The fees must be given to Pranav Nuepane, Andrew Schweitzer, or Tyler Mizner. Other officers will not accept membership fees.

If you have not attended Haas Hall Academy for at least one semester, you do not have to pay the fees until next semester; however, you must turn in the membership form.

If you have any questions, contact Sai Chittemsetty ([email protected]) or Mrs. Kate ([email protected]).

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