Haas Hall Academy at the Jones Center is hosting a blood drive on Friday, March 5th from 8AM-2PM to help boost critically low blood supply in our area. Virtual, blended, and traditional scholars as well as their family members, friends, and neighbors are welcome to participate. Anyone ages 16 or 17 will need a signed parent consent form. Forms can be picked up from Mrs. DeSpain, from the Blood Drive Committee bulletin board, or emailed directly to you.

In order to donate, you will need a current photo ID that includes your birth date on it. Please remember to drink plenty of water the day before you donate and eat a good breakfast on Friday. This will help to shorten your recovery time.

Here is the link to sign up:


If you have never donated before, now is the time to step up and help out. When you give blood, you are helping hospitals save the life of someone’s spouse, parent, or child. There is no easier way to save a life than to give blood! Please sign up today to save your spot.

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