With the first day of school quickly approaching, Thursday August 9th, we want to be sure everyone understands and follows the Pick Up / Drop Off procedure. Following these rules helps to ensure that things run smoothly during that time. Please see the attached map, this can also be found on the Haas Hall website at the very top of the Main page, under the Resources tab, then “Scholar deposit / Reclamation Maps”, and then choose Fayetteville.

The Ingenuity Center will still have construction going on, so that lot should be avoided to start school.

DROP OFF: Traffic should proceed in to the original Haas Hall lot from the south side (next to the new Ingenuity Center building), drive AROUND the school to the north side of the building and drop off by the flagpole. Then, exit from the North exit (signs are now posted). Left turns from our lot should be avoided the first few weeks until traffic flows better, left turns cause congestion on the main road.

PLEASE DO NOT DROP YOUR CHILD OFF ANYWHERE OTHER THAN THE FLAGPOLE. This causes back ups in the traffic flow. Please be advised that during 7:30-8am and 2:30-3pm there are NO LEFT TURNS onto Joyce Road from Front St. per the city, signs are posted.

PICK UP: Traffic should flow the same way, enter on the south side, pull all the way around the building to the flagpole and wait until the scholars are dismissed at 2:30pm. DO NOT PICK UP your child on Front St, it’s very dangerous.

PARKING: Scholar parking will be limited until the Ingenuity Center building is complete. There may be some spots available in that lot, there are limited spots in the Robotics building lot, and the side spaces of the Main building. Carpooling until the building is complete may be a good idea. The spaces in the front of the school are for faculty and visitors. PARENTS: please do not park to drop your child off, and do not drive through the front of the school while picking up or dropping off.

DO NOT PICK UP OR DROP OFF in the Law Firm’s parking lot. They are a private business and can call the police and have you towed or fined.

Our PFC will be helping to direct traffic…please be courteous to everyone in the parking lot! We are available to ask questions if you don’t understand, as well!

I’ve attached a sign up genius for anyone who’d like to volunteer to help PFC with the traffic flow (it goes toward your volunteer time!)….!/showSignUp/20f0d4cacae2faaff2-traffic2

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