Candy Guessing Fundraiser

The Earth Awareness Project is hosting a candy-guessing contest in order to raise money for a future Haas Hall composting project. On the front counter in the Commons, there is a jar of Hershey Kisses and a decorated box. To enter:

1. Pick up one envelope (they are all the same) and write your name and guess(es) as to how many pieces of candy are contained in the jar. Each person is allowed only one envelope and each guess is $1. You may write down as many guesses as you would like! Just make sure you place $1 in the envelope per guess. 5 guesses = $5 and so on. The more guesses, the more chances to win!

2. Place the pouch into the decorated box through the slot.

The person with the closest guess wins the whole jar!

This contest will run from Tuesday, August 24 until Tuesday, August 31.

Donations are also greatly appreciated and can be put directly into the box.

Good luck and thank you for your participation!

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