Attention Seniors:
It’s time to order your caps, gowns, and other graduation items.
Please use the following link, then follow the prompts for ordering.
Caps, gowns, graduation cord, and tassels are the minimum orders…ALL GRADUATES will need to have these items at Graduation.  The package titled “Haas Hall Scholar Unit” includes these items (even though the cord isn’t show in the picture).  Then, the Honors / High Honors cords will be purchased separately.

Cords are ordered for all graduates (gold & blue twist), High Honors (3.75 gpa and higher), Honors (3.25 – 3.74 gpa) be sure you order accordingly.
Additional items may be purchased if preferred.
Items will be shipped directly to scholar’s homes.
DEADLINE FOR ORDERING IS MARCH 16th, just before leaving for Spring Break.

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