Car Line Safety and Etiquette

As our school grows and we welcome new families to our campus, everyone must work together to maintain safety. To do this, please examine these maps:

Once you have dropped off your scholar, please do not pull into the school parking areas to make phone calls, text messages, etc. Our student parking is very limited, and our scholars that drive themselves to school desperately need these parking spots.

In the afternoon, the car line will once again form around the building in a counterclockwise fashion. Scholars must exit from the school’s main entrance (side doors are for fire emergencies only). Scholars should stay safely on the sidewalk encircling the building and walk along this sidewalk until they find their ride.

Please do not attempt to circumvent using the car line by dropping off or picking up your scholar from adjacent properties. There are two concerns with this practice. First, scholars traversing our busy parking lot to meet their parents/guardians parked in remote locations pose a safety hazard as they cross through the car line and scholar traffic. Second, our school wishes to maintain an excellent relationship with our neighboring business owners. To do this, we must respect their property.

Driving to school is a privilege. Scholars driving fast or recklessly on school grounds will have their parking pass revoked. Please remember, the speed bumps are there for a reason!

School staff and parent volunteers may assist in directing traffic flow as needed. Please be kind to these individuals. It might seem like they are fussing at you, but that is not their intent. They are doing their best to ensure we can enjoy a safe and efficient pickup/drop-off each day.

Thank you sincerely for your assistance in these matters! GO HUSKIES!!! – Dr. Rod

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