Cell Phone/Headphones Policies

Per the 2022-2023 Scholar/Parent Handbook:

Cell Phone Policy: Campus Wide

All scholars must sign out from class to use the restroom. At no time may a scholar use their cell
phone during a visit to the restroom, office, or any other tour through the school.

To ensure compliance, every scholar must place their cell phone in a predetermined container upon entering the classroom. Failure to comply will result in immediate detention and/or suspension.

Utilization of headphones, Air Pods, and other listening devices

Utilizing headphones, Air Pods, or other listening devices during the instructional time at Haas Hall Academy is strictly prohibited unless it is requested by faculty or administration. Please do not wear in the hallways.
• Parental/Guardian or persons in loco parentis documented contact and confiscation of the device for the remainder of the day;
• Confiscation of the device for two months;
• Confiscation of the device for the remainder of the school year.

Parents, please call the front desk – at 479-966-4930; listen for the prompt to dial your campus – if you need to get a message to your scholar. Scholars will only have access to their phones before, during lunch, and after school.

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