Haas Hall is a closed campus.

On page 28 in the Student /Parent Handbook for the 2022-23 school year states that Haas Hall is a closed campus and scholars are not allowed to leave during the day without a parent’s permission.

This means a scholar is not allowed to leave the campus to travel to a nearby restaurant to get lunch and return to campus during the 30-minute break they have for lunch.

The Policy states:

“Haas Hall Academy has a closed campus policy. Once a scholar arrives on campus, he/she may not leave the campus for any reason without going through the proper checkout procedures in the Headmaster’s office. Any violation of this policy is truancy from school.
“No scholar is to be released from the school during school hours to anyone other than his/her parent/guardian or persons in loco parentis unless written permission is granted by the parent. Telephone messages will not be accepted except in cases of illness or extreme emergencies.
“Only a request by written note and signature of teacher or parent will be honored for granting permission to leave campus. The request must be considered an absolute necessity. A scholar leaving campus must sign out in the office. Upon return to school, the scholar must sign in. NO EXCEPTIONS.”

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