Clarifications – AP Research Project: Music, Math Skills, and Performance

Update: For those who have participated in the research project already, thank you for participating. For this survey there are three sections with similar problems but different music. To complete this survey all three surveys must be completed. If you only finished one or two of the surveys I will not be able to use the data. If you have only done one or two I would appreciate you going back and finishing the remaining survey/s.

My name is Ian Prohofsky, and I am a student in AP Research at our Bentonville campus.

For my AP Research project, I am attempting to determine if music affects the speed and accuracy of a high school scholar’s mathematical abilities. If any scholar can set aside five minutes of his/her time to participate, I would greatly appreciate it.

In the experiment, there are three short quizzes with essay math questions. (Math instructors, you are certainly welcome to test the effects of music on scholars’ mathematical skills and performance.) Each survey either has no music, slow music, or fast music. Once you have completed the survey, I will analyze the results to find if there is a correlation between music speed and mathematical computations.

To complete the surveys, participants will need a quiet place (or headphones), as well as a stable internet connection. If you can help, please click the link below and follow the instructions to complete the survey.


If you have any questions, please contact me at the following email addresses: Ian.Prohofsky@Haashall.org and/or Violinmusic1842@gmail.com

Thank you!

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