Common Cents Club will meet virtually every Monday at 3:30.

Please sign-up in the link below to be added to the classroom:
Common Cents Club Sign-up Link: https://forms.gle/iqiR11DrJGbtRV6Q9
All sign-ups the day of the meeting will be added the next day for the following meeting.

All students are encouraged to attend, teachers are welcome too! This club will cover everything you didn’t know you NEED to know about the world of money.
We will discuss banking, consumerism, budgets, credit, credit cards, saving, investing, making money, college planning, buying a home, living on your own, debt, and more. If you CAN attend, please join! Many of the topics will help you further your understanding of money and how it is used to your benefit. Although you may not use some of the more advanced topics right now, knowing is half the battle for your future. These are topics you will always need to know.

Meetings will not be recorded, please plan to attend as many meetings as possible. Although some topics may be challenging to understand, it is very beneficial to refresh each year!

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact Victoria at 4victoriam@gmail.com.
See you next Monday!

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