Common Cents Club reminder: if you have not already done so – please Remind message or email your first and last name and email address so you can be invited into the Google classroom for Common Cents Club.

Common Cents / Personal Finance Club will begin soon!
The first meeting will be on October 28th, via Google Meet (details below)

All students are encouraged to attend, and adults are more than welcome too! This club will cover everything you didn’t know you need to know about the world of money.

We will discuss banking, consumerism, budgets, credit, credit cards, saving, investing, making money, college planning, buying a home, living on your own, debt, and more. If you CAN attend, please join! Many of the topics will help you further your understanding of money and how it is used to your benefit. Although you may not use some of the more advanced topics right now, knowing is half the battle for your future. These are topics you will always need to know.

This club meets twice per month. The meeting schedule is below:
October 28th @ 3:30
November 11th @ 3:30
November 18th @ 3:30
December 2nd @ 3:30
December 16th @ 3:30
January 13th @ 3:30
January 27th @ 3:30
February 10th @ 3:30
February 24th @ 3:30
March 10th @ 3:30
March 31st @ 3:30
April 14th @ 3:30
April 28th @ 3:30
May 19th @ 3:30

Information will be provided through the Remind app and the Google classroom. Please sign up below to get reminders and info. If you are not able to print from home or have limited access for printing occasional material, please let me know and I can create a packet to drop off at your campus.

Please sign-up for BOTH platforms below:
To sign up for Common Cents Remind: Personal Finance Club notifications, please visit

Google Classroom:
You may either privately message your name and email information through Remind or…
Students – please email 4victoriam@gmail.com your first and last name & Haas Hall email address.
Parents & guests – please email your first and last name and email address to 4victoriam@gmail.com.
You will be invited into the classroom. The Google Meet link for all meetings will be provided within the classroom.

See you next Wednesday!

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