This year, the outstanding submissions from Haas Hall scholars made the selection process very difficult for our editors! In the end, we looked at not only the quality of the pieces, but also how well they adhered to our theme and their ability to pair with other submissions!

The eighth edition, “Weathering Storms”, is now available for purchase, and features the work of the skilled writers, artists, photographers, and poets listed below! On behalf of the “Footnotes” editorial team, we are so proud of the work you have done throughout the year and could not be happier to commend your excellent work!

Authors and Poets:

Fatimah Alrubaye
Rahul Aravindakshan
Meera Arunkumar
Kaylah Atungulu
Wyatt Corbin
Mallory French
Faith Gaston
Linda Huggins
Kieran Kitchens
Rory Lawless
Miceala Morano
Chiu-yi “Rachel” Ngai
Kai Paschall
Masheyat Rahman
Olivia Smith
Azlon Thomas
Natalie Waggoner

Artists and Photographers:

Leo Ahaus
Fatimah Alrubaye
Rahul Aravindakshan
Faith Arcana
Meera Arunkumar
Katelyn Bennett
Zachry Davis
David Driver
Catherine Esmond
Kate Henry
Kevin Rosas Huezo
Hunter Hughes
Freelin Joe
Paige Kelly
Collin McCabe
Emma Miller
Miceala Morano
Olivia Mowrey
Masheyat Rahman
Mikala Sexton
Patrick Stagner
Lei Taylor
Jacob Tyburski

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